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Definition Noun Clause:
A noun clause does the work of a noun in a sentence or phrase. It is a group of words containing a subject and a finite verb of its own.
Some Rules: noun clauses usually begin with words like how, why, what, where, when, who, that, which, whose, whether, etc. Also words like whoever, whenever, whatever and wherever

There are therefore just three basic types of noun clauses:
·         those that start with a question word such as where, how, who, when and why
·         those that start with whether, whatever etc or if
·         those that start with that.

A noun clause is a group of words. . .
·         that functions as one unit.  
·         that has its own subject-verb combination. 
·         that functions in a sentence as a noun or pronoun functions.
·         that often has a subordinator. 
·         and that my not stand alone as a complete  not and that may sentence.

Noun clauses may function in sentences as . . .
·         subjects.
·         complements .
·         objects of verbs.
·         objects of Gerunds.
·         objects of infinitives.
·         objects of prepositions
·         objects of participles.
·         and as complements of adjectives.

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